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T2MCHAT is simply a feature that you can embed or add to your existing chat system used for customer service in your official website. We are proud to present T2MCHAT as we are one of the very first and few organization providing this amazing and efficient plugin making your chat system an advanced customer service platform with advaned customer analysis.

How can T2MCHAT help your business?

  • T2MCHAT is a plugin that helps you communicate with global customers or potential customers irrespective of languages they speak and therefore helps expand your business globally by breaking down language barrier. If you are already in international market, T2MCHAT helps to reach to new potential customers.
  • If you and your staff do no have good command on the language your customer speaks, it provides your support staff with the ability to communicate with multi lingual site visitors and provide support to them in any language format.
Currently T2MCHAT provides major 21 languages and we are working to include even more.

Why is T2MCHAT a powerful tool for your business?

T2MCHAT plan includes Customer Sentiment Analytics (CSA). These two are combined to give your business the best customer service in the long run. CSA not only captures and analyse the state of emotion of the customer but also sends instantaneous triggers based on negative experience of the customer. It help analyse the sentiments of them based on the chat history with support representative. 
CSA helps you to see the reason why your customers are leaving or not satisfied. So rather than being blingsighted you now have a tool to mend and save your customer enabling you with timely action.

Features of T2MCHAT


Real time language translation:

T2MCHAT provides real time language translation between your customer service representative and your customer/client.

T2MCHAT add ons.

Customer Sentiment Analytics (CSA): With this add on, your support staffs will not only be able to provide online customer service in multiple languages but also help determine customer satisfaction level based on words exchanged between them.
CSA also comes with following bonuses:
Support staff performance analysis: With Customer service analysis, you can evaluate your customer representative's performances which helps understand customers more and improve your human resources.
Product analytics: CSA not only help analyse customer satisfaction level but also assess positive and negative views of your product or services
This add on (CSA) is optional but very powerful tool when embedded with T2MCHAT. When implemented in your official site together not only you will broaden your market and clientele but also maintain customer satisfaction to optimum level.

Chat bot (Coming Soon!!)

Chat bot is another amazing add on feature you can integrate in your chat system with T2MCHAT. It automates customer service experience to minimize your administrative cost and provide 24/7 hour service in customer representative's absence. The most amazing feature about chat bot is it is multi-lingual chat bot.
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