Creating Categories

1. First go to “T2M→Administration” page in WordPress dashboard.

2. You will see a navigation tab in the top called “Categories”. Click on it.

3. A page with a form will load, where you have a “Name” field.

4. You can fill in the form to give a name to the category you want to create.

5. You can select "Enabled" option as well. Tick on the checkbox means it is enabled, otherwise disabled.

6. To save the category click on “Save” button at the bottom of the form.

7. Once the category is saved the categories will be populated in the page itself.

Editing Categories

1. You will be able to edit a saved category only.

2. Once the categories are saved and populated in the page, you will see three different buttons on the category itself.

3. One of them is “Edit”. If you click on the button, the category data will be populated in the form and you can enter new details and click on “Save” to save the updated category.

Deleting Categories

1. You will be able to delete a saved category only.

2. There will be a button beside the category name called “Delete”.

3. To delete a category click on it, once deleted, the list of updated categories will be populated.

Setting Triggers

1. You can enable SMS and E-Mail notification for every categories. You will be able to trigger notification for a saved category only.

2. There will be a button beside the category name called “Ratings”.

3. Click on it and it will load a pop-up which will contain a form.

4. The form will have fields like, “Minimum Percentage, Maximum Percentage, Email and Phone Number”. You can add the data in the fields and save them to enable the triggers.

5. Min and Max percentage values are the range you can set based on your need to enable triggers for and Phone number and Email are where the notification will be sent.

6. Once an agent makes a conversation, the sentiment of the chat will be analyzed. The result will lie between 1 and 100 which is 1 being worst and 100 being best.

7. If you want triggers when an agent makes a worst customer service through chat system, set the minimum value to 1 and maximum to the target an agent is assigned, say 50. This way when an agent makes a conversation that lies between the value of 1 to 50, you will be sent a SMS and email with the agent and customer details.


Chat Categories:


1. Once you create categories, you can assign those categories to WordPress users (agents).

2. These users can act as support agent for the categories they are assigned.

3. Example, if there are 5 categories assigned to a user, the user will be able to see the customers who click on those categories for the chat and will be able to answer to their queries.

Creating Users

1. To create WordPress users, you should enable the registration feature in your WordPress website.

2. It can be enabled by going to WordPress Settings→ General → Membership and selecting “Anyone can register” feature. Once it is enabled you can create users yourself.

3. Once registration is enabled, go to WordPress dashboard and look for “Users” submenu. Click on it and you will see a button called “Add new user”.

4. When clicked on it, you will see a form where all the details can be provided to create a user directly.

5. Remember the email and password, it will be used to login into the mobile app to provide support later.

Assigning Categories to Users

1. Once a user is created. You can assign categories to them.

2. There are three different lists in the “Chat Categories” tab. “Name”, “Categories” and “Enabled”.

3. The "Name" column will contain all the users that are registered in the WordPress website, "Categories" will contain all the categories you have created and "Enabled" will contain true and false value.

4. First select a user from the users list, if the list is long, you can type the username to search in the list itself.

5. Once the user is selected, select the categories to be assigned to the user from categories list. The categories you assign to the user will be the categories the agent will be giving support for.

6. Select 'Enabled' value to true or false to enable or disable the user and click on 'save' to save the assignment.

7. If the data is saved, you will receive a small notification at the top saying the record was saved successfully otherwise you will receive notification saying something went wrong.

8. If the record is saved then it will be populated below in the table itself with list of all the users who are assigned different categories.

Editing the Assigned Categories

1. Once the record is saved you can edit the categories assigned to the user later as well.

2. To add/remove categories from the assigned user, click on “Edit” button right next to the user whose info you want to edit or "Delete" if you want to delete the user entirely.

3. If you click on edit, then the data will be populated in the assignment form above.

4. You can then assign new categories or remove existing one and click on "Save" to save the updated data.

Deleting the Assigned User

1. You can even delete the user who is assigned in the categories to act as an agent.

2. To delete, you can click on the “Delete” button available right next to the assigned user in the table.

3. Once you click on delete the user will be removed from the record and updated record list will be displayed.

4. After a user is deleted, he/she won’t be able to login to the mobile app to serve as an agent.

5. If a user is mistakenly deleted, you can again add the user by following the steps mentioned in “Assigning Categories to Users”.



1. This tab will display the performance of the agent after a successful chat with a customer.

2. The performance will be categorized in four different types, “Positive, Negative, Mixed and Neutral” based on the Customer Sentiment Analytics from the chat conversation.

3. The table will display the name and email of the agent, the most rated feedback(collective rating) and the ratio of the rating.

4. You can click on the ratio and it will display you a chart, where all the ratings the agent has received will be displayed.

Changing To and From Dates

1. The default "From" and "to" date period will be of a week at first. So, all the ratings that are displayed in the table will be the rating the agent has received within that weeek?

2. You can change the date range to check the rating of particular date range as well.

3. To change the date, click on the calendar icon next to the date or anywhere in the date to load the popup that will contain the calendar.

4. You can click on a date of your choice to reload the data. Once you click on the date, wait for a while and the updated list will be populated in the table.

Product Performance:


1. This tab will list the most commonly used nouns/entities/product in the conversation, the number of times the words were used and the type of rating OR customer's feelings towards those words during the conversation.

2. The default data will be shown from 30 days ago to today and with all the types of ratings.

3. You can change the date like in Performance tab and load records from the new range of date.


1. Another option is the ratings type.

2. In the drop down, you will see a list of different types of ratings (negative, positive, etc).

3. Once you click on a rating type, the records containing the selected rating will be fetched and will be populated in the table.

Search Term

1. The fourth option is search term.

2. You will be able to search for specific search term and the names containing the term will be populated in the table.

3. Just type your search term and hit “Enter” to fetch the records containing that search term.

4. If there are no records then the table will be empty, if there are records matching the search term, it will be populated with respective records.

5. In order to clear the search term, just remove the word from the form and it will automatically fetch all the existing records.


1. The fifth option is customers.

2. It will show all the customers who have made conversation with the agents using the chat app.

3. You can click on the customer to display the records associated with the customer.

4. To display the list without filtering from the customer, just click on the “All users” in the customer list and the default record will be displayed.

Table Data

1. The table will contain the names, collective ratings and the ratio of rating for the name.

2. The name and ratio are clickable.

3. If you click on the name, the list will be filtered using the name that was clicked and it will display all the detailed record or detailed ratings that is associated with the name you clicked. You can remove the filter by clicking on the (X) icon that will be displayed after the name is clicked.

4. If you click on the ratio, it will display the chart associated with the name that contains different types of ratings such as “Negative, Positive, etc”. To close the chart, click on the (x) icon or anywhere outside of the popup.



Logging In

1. First you need to have the “T2MChat” mobile app in your device. Once you have it installed open it.

2. First you will see the list of companies in the home page of the app. If you see your company and logo, click on it.

3. If you cannot see your company then you can search for it by using the search bar in the top of the app and after you see your company, click on it.

4. You will be then redirected to the login page. Use the credentials “email” and “password” to login. The email and password will be the same you synced in “Using WordPress → Assigning Categories to Users”.

5. If you are synced user then you will be redirected to the app otherwise a small warning will be displayed saying the credentials are invalid.

Selecting Languages

1. Once you are logged in you will be prompted to select the languages you can speak to make the conversation with your clients.

2. You can select as many languages as you understand and save them by clicking on the icon in the button right corner. You can even search for a language directly using the search box in top.

3. You can even change the languages you have saved later. To change it open the navigation bar from left of the screen. You will then see a menu called “User Info”. Click on it and you will see the languages you have selected.

4. To remove it, click on the red icon and it will be removed. Also, to add language, click on “Add Language” option and you will be shown list of languages and you can add as many as you know or as per your need.

Using Dashboard

1. The first menu that will be default loaded when you log in is dashboard.

2. This menu will display all the user who are requesting for chat from the WordPress app.

3. In order to see the users (only if they are requesting at the time) you will need to go live in the app to enable your presence for support.

4. To go live, click on the “Go Live” option and then a tick will be shown to state that you are live.

5. To go offline you can simply un-tick the go live option.

6. Once you are live you will be able to start conversation with the WordPress users.

Starting the Conversation

1. After you are live from your dashboard. You can start a conversation.

2. If a user is requesting for the chat you will see the name and email of the user and a “Take” option right next to every users.

3. You can click on "Take" to start the conversation. Once you click on it, you will be redirected to chat page where you will be able to see the details like name of the customer and the language the customer speaks.

4. If the customer ends the conversation then a small notification will be displayed in the bottom of the chat saying "[Customer] has disconnected from the chat.”

5. You can only take one customer at a time and in order to end the conversation just simply press back on your device or go to Dashboard directly, this will trigger the end of the conversation.

Updating Profile

1. Pull the navigation menu from the left side by swiping towards right of the screen where you will see a menu called “Profile”. Click on it.

2. It will display the details like your image, first name and last name.

3. These fields can be updated and clicking save will save the updated records.

Logging Out

1. To logout from the mobile app, pull the navigation menu, you will see a menu called “Sign Out”.

2. Clicking on it will log you out of the app.

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